Naked Stk Elite 70

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Naked Stk Elite 70-config
Bow type: Low Bow Position: 200mm Bow Height: 24.5mm Weight: 510-530gm Balance Point: 39cm Head Thickness: 21mm Silica face Carbon: 70% Toray®
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he Naked Elite 70 is one of the finest low-bow sticks on the market. It has been precision engineered with 70% Japanese Toray carbon, 25% fibre glass and 5% Kevlar to give it superb stiffness and power but still with a great touch on the ball. Features the Kevlar reinforced Naked Boom Zone for tomahawks. Each stick is crafted with 20 layers of composites making it the perfect blend of weight, touch, power and control. The silica face helps with control and the EVA foam padded PU grip reduces shock. What sort of player is this for? The Elite is aimed at top level players who want a light stick with plenty of power and superb touch. With a low bow, the Elite is great for players who like to flick, use 3D skills and disguised passes.
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