How can I pay on this site?

In order to pay for your purchases on this site, you can choose from the following payment methods:

Are my payments secure?


To ensure that your payments are secure, we work with Ogone. The security system used by Ogone is one of the most reliable and secure systems in the world. Hockey Player does not have access to the confidential payment details of our customers, nor do we save these details.


What if my payment is declined?


A payment can only be declined by your bank; this has nothing to do with Hockey Player. Depending on the payment method you have chosen, you will also be given a reason for the refusal. You can then contact your bank or select a different payment method.

Your order will only be processed once your payment has been confirmed.


Can you send me an invoice made out to my company?


You will receive an electronic invoice for each purchase. However, if you wish to receive an invoice which is made out to your company, please contact our Customer Service department via our contact form.